Aimee Wilson

Kingston University Journalism undergraduate, specialising in fashion and social media.

About me

I'm a third year Kingston University student studying Journalism with English Language and Communication. I'm a fashion blogger and the social media editor for The River and The River Online. I'm also the social media and PR officer for the Kingston University Cheerleading Squad. As a trained journalist (as of July 2018) I have a huge ambition to thrive in a career in journalism which will flourish my creativity in the fashion industry and involve the digital media.

Day to night: How to style the jogger pant trend

I’m sure many of you gals have the common problem of wanting to look glam and feel like a 10/10 but cba to wear a dress – because that comes with the time consuming tasks of shaving your legs and fake tanning. And not to mention how cold it gets now when you leave for the club and it feels like -10 degrees (that’s if you’re not off your face at that point), so all you feel like doing is going out in your joggers. But you really can.